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Advanced All-Markets Real-Time Liquidations Heatmap

This TradingView indicator acts like an X-ray or MRI for the financial markets.

You can use it to trade:








exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

And more ...

This indicator offers extended support beyond crypto, setting it apart from other offerings.

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Upon successful payment, you will receive access to the indicator within the next 24 hours.

What makes it special?

This TradingView indicator employs a smart algorithm to highlight key market scenarios, vividly

illustrating liquidation levels. It adds a unique touch by offering an unparalleled perspective on

significant activity within crucial zones on the chart, thereby presenting an innovative view of where

most transactions occur.

Think of it as a trader's X-ray or MRI, sharpening your insight into the inner workings of price action.

Ever wondered where Market Makers are positioning themselves and harvesting the most profits? Consider this tool your personal lens, bringing those activities to life in a way you can understand and act upon.

Enjoy this trading journey, equipped with a tool that makes the complex markets a little more approachable.

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Discover the Indicator

Dive into our demo video to get a firsthand look. Experience how you would use the indicator on your charts.

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We Offer

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We Offer

a Wide Selection

of Themes

We Offer

a Wide Selection

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